Cleveland Wire Cloth manufactures wire cloth from a variety of metals and alloys, depending on our customers’ specific needs.  The environment in which the wire cloth will be used is usually the most important factor in determining the material to be used.

For example, certain alloys can provide resistance to corrosive or oxidating environments, while others offer enhanced strength, abrasion resistance or the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.  The collor or appearance of the wire cloth is still another consideration when it is used for architectural or other design purposes.

We use an XRF analyzer for PMI (Positive Material Identification) to inspect and positively identify incoming raw materials before they are received into inventory. The inspection ensures the integrity of wire composition conforms to proper specifications. This is essential for quality control and full inventory traceability here at Cleveland Wire Cloth.

Cleveland Wire Cloth has many of these materials available from stock.  The following descriptions provide a general guideline to the most important features of some of the metals we commonly weave (other metals and allows may be available on request).  If you have questions, please contact our engineering staff, who are available to provide expert design assistance to ensure the most suitable materials are chosen.

Steel, High Carbon & Galvanized

Stainless Steel Alloys

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Heat-Resistant Alloys

Copper & Its Alloys

Aluminum Alloys

Silver Wire Cloth

Titanium Alloys

Tantalum Wire Cloth

Tungsten Wire Cloth