UNS R03610

Molybdenum wire screen is used in extremely high-temperature environments. It has good electrical conductivity, a high strength to weight ratio, excellent ductility, low density, and is resistant to hydrogen embrittlement. It is often used in heating elements, fasteners, structural components, electronics, solar, and semiconductor industries.

Molybdenum Fact Sheet

Composition[Mo 99.95%]
SpecificationsASTM B386, ASTM B387, Type 361
Density0.368 lbs/in³
Tensile Strength250 Kpsi*
Melt4730° F
Max. Operating Temperature2500° - 3000°+ F

* Tensile strength and elongation are for annealed 0.012″ wire diameter. Please note that material performance data is provided a reference guide only… There are many factors involved in wire cloth performance, so please consult with an experienced engineer before choosing the metal best suited for your unique needs!

Below are some common Moly mesh weaves.  Cleveland Wire Cloth is a weaver of wire cloth, so please call us for pricing and availability of your particular need.

Molybdenum wire cloth mesh screen

Wire Diameter
Open Area
4 x 40.025"0.225"81.0%
6 x 60.025"0.1417"72.3%
12 x 120.025"0.0583"48.9%