Wire sizes and openings range widely, due to such variety Cleveland Wire Cloth offers many different weaves. Weave styles are often dictated by the mesh count and wire diameter specifications being used for the product. Below are descriptions of some common styles we weave here at Cleveland Wire Cloth.

Weave Plain




Plain Square
The most common weave, with the same diameter warp and shute wires woven in a simple over and under pattern.  It produces screens with the same mesh count in both directions.


Weave Twill Square 2

Twill Square
Each shute wire typically passes over two warp wires and under two, producing square openings.  Twill weave can be made from larger-diameter wires than would be possible in plain square weave to obtain greater strength, density, or corrosion resistance.

Weave Plain Dutch

Plain Dutch
Woven in a plain, over and under pattern.  A thinner, smaller diameter shute wire is used; these are driven very close together creating a very tight weave.  Dutch weaves do not have a straight-through clear opening as do most Plain weave styles.  Instead the weave style creates a tortuous path through which very fine filtration and particle retention can be achieved.  Dutch weaves may be specified by “mesh count” or “absolute filter rating.”


Weave Reverse Dutch

Reverse Dutch Weave
The same weave as Plain Dutch except the warp and shute wires are reversed; i.e., the warp wires have a smaller diameter than the shute wires.  The larger shute wires are woven closer together than would usually be seen in a Plain Dutch Weave.


Weave Rectangular

Rectangular or “Off-Count” Weave
A Plain Weave wire cloth, woven in an over and under pattern with a different number of wires in the warp and shute direction, which yields a rectangular opening wire cloth.  Rectangular openings are often used in sifting and sizing operations to increase product “through” capacity with minor sacrifices in accuracy.  To reduce material costs, off-count mesh may be substituted for square mesh in some applications that do not require a high level of accuracy.  Some wire cloth vendors will substitute off-count wire cloth when certifications are not specified by the manufacturer, e.g. a 90×100 mesh may be substituted for 100×100.


Weave Stranded

Stranded Weave
Usually woven in the Plain Square style, each warp and shute “wire” is composed of a “bunch” or “group” of small diameter wires, which are woven into a finished product.