UNS N08367

AL6XN is a “super-austenitic” low carbon stainless steel. The alloy is stable to 1000°F. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to oxidizing environments, various acids, alkali, salt solution, seawater, crevice, stress, and overall general corrosion. AL6XN is superior for its chloride pitting resistance. Often used in pharmaceutical, marine, oil and gas, food, and chemical processing equipment. 

AL-6XN® Fact Sheet

Composition[Ni 23.5-25.5%, Cr 20-22%, Mo 6-7%, Mn max. 2%]
SpecificationsASTM B691
Density0.291 lbs/in³
Tensile Strength125 Kpsi*
Melt2400-2550° F
Max. Operating Temperature1900° F

* Tensile strength and elongation are for annealed 0.012″ wire diameter. Please note that material performance data is provided a reference guide only… There are many factors involved in wire cloth performance, so please consult with an experienced engineer before choosing the metal best suited for your unique needs!

AL-6XN is a registered trademark of ATI Properties, Inc., licensed to Allegheny Ludium Corp.