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The Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company has specialized in weaving and fabricating industrial wire cloth since 1914. Realizing that wire cloth is an essential commodity of almost every American industry, we offer a complete range of openings woven to close tolerances from any ductile metal or alloy that can be drawn into wire. These years of experience and expert craftsmanship combined with a modern manufacturing facility enable C.W.C. to furnish wire screen fabricated products in all meshes and metals to meet all woven wire applications.  Petrochemical & refining industries click here.  As domestic weavers, we specialize in DFAR compliant materials. If you have a DFAR requirement, we are here to help. DFARS 252.225-7014, ALT 1ss 

Weaving Facilities

Our specially built, modern looms, each operated by skilled weavers, produce the finest industrial wire cloth available. Whether rolls or sheets, 1" diameter rod to extremely fine weaves, high standards and constantly close inspections result in a superior product meeting the most exacting specifications.

Fabricating Facilities

Cleveland facilities include the latest metalworking equipment for shearing, forming, blanking, extruding, calendering, welding, soldering, and other fabricating services. Plating and plastic coating can be provided at your request. Rigid quality control and production methods guarantee fabricated wire cloth products to meet the customer's demanding needs.

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Sample Service

Cleveland also offers a complete Sample Service Department to take the guesswork out of wire cloth selection. At your request, samples of wire cloth will be sent to confirm or establish the proper specification for your application.

Large Inventory Stock

Cleveland Wire Cloth has many meshes, wire sizes, metals and alloys available from our stock of over 1,500 wire cloth items for immediate shipment. Urgent shipments can made from stock the day your order is received.

"Hard to Find" Specialty metals: Titanium/Molybdenum/Tantalum/Tungsten/Zirconium,   Inconel/Incoloy®, many other high temperature or corrosion resistant alloys are available, including a wide selection of 304L & 316L stainless steels, please contact us.


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Specials Page: Tinned Copper - for electronic shielding & other items. 

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