The crimp provides strength and rigidity to the wire cloth by allowing wires to sit securely with each other, restricting their random movement, and ensuring consistent opening size.  Crimp styles are often dictated by the mesh count and wire diameter specifications being used for the product. Below are descriptions of some common styles we weave here at Cleveland Wire Cloth.

Crimps Double Crimp

Conventional Double Crimp
Most common type.  Used where the opening is relatively small in comparison to the wire diameter.


Crimps Lock Crimp

Lock Crimp
Used only in coarse specifications to maintain the accuracy of weave throughout screen life, where the opening is large with respect to wire diameter.


Crimps Inter Crimp

Inter Crimp
Used in coarse weaves of lighter-gauge wire to provide greater stability, tightness of weave and maximum rigidity.  Very common in mesh openings larger than 1/2″ (12.7 mm).


Crimps Flat Top

Flat Top
Usually starts at 5/8″ (15.875 mm) opening and larger.  Provides long abrasive resistant life, since there are no projections on top to wear. Offers least resistance to flow.  Also very popular in certain architectural and structural applications where a smooth surface on one side is desirable.