Custom FabricatingLarge or small, one or thousands…

Cleveland Wire Cloth specializes in making custom-built, uniquely designed baskets for thousands of applications such as heat treating, carburizing, annealing, nitriding, hardening, pickling, degreasing, washing, drying, plating and dichromating.  Basket styles include rectangular, tilting, nesting, round, pivoting, compartment and dumping. Quality controlled production methods in our modern fabricating department help ensure that each manufactured part meets the customers’ specifications. The same dedication to quality goes into our filters, strainers, burners, heating elements, flame guards and spark arrestors, vent screens, machinery safety guards, screen sections for sizing and sifting equipment, shielding, sound control components, and a wide variety of other custom-fabricated OEM parts. All fabricating is done in our plant: stamping, shearing, forming, rolling, blanking, extruding, calendering, soldering and spot and seam welding.

WeldingSlitting and CuttingPunching

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