UNS N07750

Similar to Inconel 600 but made precipitation hardenable by additions of aluminum and titanium. X750 has good resistance to corrosion and oxidation along with high tensile and creep rupture properties at about 1300ºF. It has excellent relaxation resistance which is useful for high-temperature applications. Used in gas turbines, rocket engines, nuclear reactors, pressure vessels, tooling and aircraft structures.

Inconel® X-750 Fact Sheet

Composition[Ni+Co 70% min, Cr 14-17%, Fe 5-9%, Ti 2.25-2.75%]
SpecificationsASTM B637, AWS A.5.14
Density0.298 lbs/in³
Tensile Strength125 Kpsi*
Melt2540° F
Max. Operating Temperature1300° F

* Tensile strength and elongation are for annealed 0.012″ wire diameter. Please note that material performance data is provided a reference guide only… There are many factors involved in wire cloth performance, so please consult with an experienced engineer before choosing the metal best suited for your unique needs!

Inconel is a registered trademark name of Inco Companies.