Cleveland Wire Cloth specializes in weaving “hard to find” specialty metals, like titanium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, zirconium, Inconel/Incoloy(R), tinned copper, and more.  Many other high temperature alloys are available, including a wide selection of 304L and 316L stainless steels.

Our specially built modern looms — each operated by skilled weavers — produce the finest industrial wire cloth available.  Whether rolls or sheets, 1″ diameter rod to extremely fine weaves, high standards and constantly close inspections result in a superior product meeting the most exacting specifications.

State of the Art Weaving Facilities

Custom Weaving to Your Specifications

Common Weave Styles

Crimped Wire Cloth

Welded Wire Mesh

From initial design to finished product, our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer the design solutions that are right for you.  Let our people help you turn your ideas into products.

Custom Fabricating

Specialized custom designed parts for heat treating, carburizing, annealing, nitriding, hardening, pickling, degreasing, washing, drying, plating, dichromating, and countless other applications. All fabricating is done in our plant: stamping, shearing, forming, rolling, blanking, extruding, calendering, soldering and spot and seam welding.

Push Press Capabilities

From wide variety of stock tooling we can supply stamped mesh discs, as well as more custom tooling to produce formed mesh hemisphere cups and a variety of other shapes.

Materials Handling Baskets, Trays and Liners

For heat treating, brazing, plating, washing, drying, degreasing and more: Special materials to resist corrosion or elevated temperatures.  Unique designs to ease handling and increase production.  Quality workmanship, built better to last longer.

Baskets designed and engineered to meet your needs.  Special compartments to hold smaller parts.  Special materials such as Stainless Steel, Inconel and Titanium, or coatings such as Teflon, Nylon, or PVC.

Filters, Strainers, and other Components

Burners and heater elements; flame guards and spark arrestors; vent screens; machinery and equipment safety guards and cages; screen sections for sizing and sifting equipment; shielding and sound control components.

Vibrator Screens

For quality woven screen selections with high tonnage, long and trouble-free service life.

To learn more download our capabilities or specifications brochures.