As domestic weavers, we take extreme measures to control sourcing of our raw materials.  If you have a DFAR requirement for your wire mesh, we can certify that the country of melt conforms to DFARS 225.872-1.

1. Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals: Supplier must comply with DFARS 252.225-7014, ALT 1 clause.  This clause prohibits a prime contractor and all of its sub-tier suppliers from incorporating “specialty metals” (as defined in the clause) into military parts, components and/or end item deliverable, unless the specialty metals have been melted in the United States, its outlying areas or a qualifying country listed in DFARS 225.872-1.

Also note: The specialty metals clause formerly listed as 252.225-7014 ALT 1 has been re-numbered to 252.225-7009. Now all specialty metals clauses may be found at 252.225-7008, 252.225-7009, and 252.225-7010.  All DoD prime contract clauses require that specialty metals incorporated in articles delivered under the contract be compliant, i.e., melted in the U.S. or its outlying areas.